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Today on the N-Judah: How A Little Problem Ends Up Becoming a Big Problem Ruining Everyone’s Commute

This morning while having my morning coffee and reading The Internet, we had one of the many little delays that affect the N. The SFMTA announced the delay, due to “mechanical issues”: ATTN: IB #NJudah delay @ Carl/Cole due to … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal To Save Money, Save Muni, Save the Parks and End this DCCC Nonsense

Trigger Warning: This is a Political Post. This may have opinions that you may or may not like, and as such could be upsetting. If you do not wish to read a Political Post, please avert your eyes and go … Continue reading

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What the HECK is A “DCCC” and Why/How/For Whom Should I Vote for in the June Primary?

Warning! This is a Political Post. Many people do not want to read these, so this is a warning to those readers! Go look at this picture of a dog I took by the US Post Office on Irving, and … Continue reading

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N-Judah Trivia Time, 2016 Edition: Which Supervisors Represent the N on the Board?

After yesterday’s commute-hour blowout, several people asked me which Supervisor they should write to register their concerns about future N-Judah failures and more. This reminded me that it is time to update this old post about which supervisors have the … Continue reading

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