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Today on the N-Judah: How A Little Problem Ends Up Becoming a Big Problem Ruining Everyone’s Commute

This morning while having my morning coffee and reading The Internet, we had one of the many little delays that affect the N. The SFMTA announced the delay, due to “mechanical issues”: ATTN: IB #NJudah delay @ Carl/Cole due to … Continue reading

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Click Click Click the Bait: Domino’s Delivers To Bus Riders (Sort Of)

Domino’s is apparently delivering pizza to people on a bus line in Blackpool, England. I think it’s just an elaborate PR stunt following up on this dude on Twitter who chronicled ordering a pizza to be delivered to him when … Continue reading

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N Judah Overhead Wires Fail During Morning Commute…

If you’ve not already left home and are wondering if something is up with the N, it is! Overhead wires ooutside the Sunset Tunnel (!) apparently failed, causing a power loss for the N. Passengers report being stuck in the … Continue reading

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Yes, ANOTHER Sunset Tunnel Closure for the N, Buses, Etc. Etc. Etc.

If you have not already heard, then be forewarned that the Sunset Tunnel will be closed again this weekend, starting on Friday, March 25th, and remaining closed through the weekend. Details, as always, are here at the SFMTA, and, as … Continue reading

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