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Why We Can’t Have A Nice Muni: Every Time We Get Upgrades, The Crazies Shout It Down

If you’ve ever wondered why it is hard to Get Things Done with Muni, the current brouhaha over improvements in the Mission to the 14 Mission, and to traffic in general is an example. Muni rolled out some significant improvements … Continue reading

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Who Loses Their Job When Muni Fails? UPDATED

People in San Francisco like to complain about Muni. Even people from New York and Points Elsewhere like to complain about it and add in a nice dose of smug superiority too (aren’t they nice?). However, in all the complaining … Continue reading

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Sunset Tunnel Closing This Weekend And So Much More

Thanks again to the delays to┬árepairs for┬áthe Sunset Tunnel, instead of having a completed tunnel repair by now, we have more closures coming, the next one being this weekend, starting on Saturday, October 24th. You can read the details here … Continue reading

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Links of Interest for April 9th, 2008

What a day it was in blogville (and its suburb, Twitter-ville) today, eh? We had some amazing blog goodness, particularly from Eye on Blogs, CurbedSF, SFist and Fog City Journal, among others. For today’s Links of Interest, however, we’ll take … Continue reading

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