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The Muni Heritage Festival Was Rather Awesome

This weekend the SFMTA and Market Street Railway celebrated Muni history with an array of activities, not the least of which were free rides on the Blackpool “Boat Tram” between the San Francisco Railway Museum and Pier 39. I took … Continue reading

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Fun Things To Do, Some Muni Related, All Fun

It seems like sometimes “events” tend to all fall on the same few days around this time of year. That’s good, in that there’s lots to see and do, and most don’t cost a thing, either. Here’s a few favorites … Continue reading

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More Events: Foursquare Day 2012 at Pacific Catch on…4/16

In the grand tradition of The Internet, what started as a joke has once again become a pheonomenon. I’m speaking, of course, about “Foursquare Day,” created after someone noticed that 4 squared is in fact, 16 hence April 16th is … Continue reading

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Links of Interest for June 19, 2008 – Manners in the ‘Hood

Today’s Links of Interest feature two sites that found their way into my Inbox recently which I hadn’t seen before and both are quite interesting. (If you have a site or see something on the Series of Tubes that would … Continue reading

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