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Some Nice Muni/N Judah Photos from Examiner Photo Editor Jessica Christian…

If you’ve walked past a newsstand lately and noticed an amazing cover photo on the Examiner or the SF Weekly, chances are you saw a photo by Jessica Christian, the Examiner Photo Editor. Recently she posted a sample of her … Continue reading

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Before the Supervisors Spend Millions, a Pause…

We’re in the middle of Silly Season right now, what with a few things to vote on in November, and much more in 2016. It’s during these times you need to take any news you hear about Muni, especially from … Continue reading

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Another Way To Think About The MUNI Fast Pass Increase

The trial balloons for an increase in the costs of a monthly MUNI Pass are being floated, primarily as a “quick fix” for MUNI’s persistent budget woes. Always, of course, without mentioning how the politicians keep trying to take away … Continue reading

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MUNI Reform Measure In Danger – Unions, Politicos, Readers: What Are Your Solutions to MUNI’s Woes?

Reading the morning Chronicle today, it looks like the much talked about MUNI reform charter amendment proposed by Supervisor Aaron Peskin may get talked to death behind closed doors today. Or not. These days it’s hard to tell what’s going … Continue reading

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