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Time for a Change

I’d been putting off writing this for a while but after looking at the (many) posts I wrote and never posted to here for various reasons I realized something was up. Eventually enough built up that I began to realize … Continue reading

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The SFMTA Weaponizes Convenience in its Drive for Fare Increases

The SFMTA likes fare increases. A lot! It brings in the moneys so they can “have more of the moneys omg” as they keep saying over and over again. Funny, they don’t seem to like making people pay for parking … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Have A Nice Muni: Every Time We Get Upgrades, The Crazies Shout It Down

If you’ve ever wondered why it is hard to Get Things Done with Muni, the current brouhaha over improvements in the Mission to the 14 Mission, and to traffic in general is an example. Muni rolled out some significant improvements … Continue reading

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Lies The SFMTA and “Transit Advocates” Told Me About Fare Increases – UPDATE

Here we go again. The SFMTA finds itself in a financial jam, as it always seems to. Fortunately for the SFMTA and “Mayor” Ed Lee, they’ve found some creative ways to “get more money” for the agency. Even more fortunate … Continue reading

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