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The SFMTA Weaponizes Convenience in its Drive for Fare Increases

The SFMTA likes fare increases. A lot! It brings in the moneys so they can “have more of the moneys omg” as they keep saying over and over again. Funny, they don’t seem to like making people pay for parking … Continue reading

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Lies The SFMTA and “Transit Advocates” Told Me About Fare Increases – UPDATE

Here we go again. The SFMTA finds itself in a financial jam, as it always seems to. Fortunately for the SFMTA and “Mayor” Ed Lee, they’ve found some creative ways to “get more money” for the agency. Even more fortunate … Continue reading

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Links of Interest for the Weekend: Sunset Tunnel Closure, Superbowl Sillies, and More!

Quite a lot has been going on lately around town. I was all set to write a few posts about the latest nonsense about the Palace of Fine Arts, etc., but others beat me to it. Between that and the … Continue reading

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Don’t Vote ANYONE For “Mayor” of San Francisco

I’ve made no secret of my disdain for our current “Mayor,” Ed Lee. I often refer to him as Dear Leader Lee, as both the mainstream press in town, along with many of those in the political class, seem to … Continue reading

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