January 6, 2011

Let's Use Our Powers For Good- Support The Inner Sunset Parklet!

parklet -3b.jpgEarlier this week Loyal Readers and Twitterfriends were kind enough to elevate me in the online "interim mayor" poll to first place. Woo hoo!

Today, however, I am asking for Loyal Readers and Inner Sunset residents to come out in support of a project that actually has some impact on our daily lives - support for a parklet on 9th Avenue in front of Arizmendi Bakery.

The always-active Adam Greenfield, who's always out there promoting community building events for the neighborhood, has been working with a dedicated group of folks to bring a "parklet" to 9th Avenue. Many such parklets have been established around town already, and if you've ever seen a Park(ing) Day temporary parklet, you get the idea.

The artist's rendition of the propsed parklet for 9th Avenue looks great. However, it needs your vocal support so that the folks in City Hall realize this is something people will value. There will be a hearing (date TBD) but for now it's important you write to Supervisors Elsbernd and Mirkarimi in support, and sign the online petition. We all know how City Hall will, left to its own devices, get in the way or otherwise cause problems, but we also know if enough people speak up, they tend to pay attention.

When you consider the many neighborhood improvements residents (not bureaucrats) have established in the Inner Sunset, it makes sense that we should expand public space where people can enjoy their neighborhood, and this proposed parklet would be a great addition to the area. Let's do something positive for our community!

July 16, 2010

Fun Friday: Last Night's Nightlife!

Last night was an especially fun "Nightlife at the Academy" , as the them was the Science of Brewing Beer. Representatives from many local SF breweries, including our friend Richard at Elizabeth Street Brewery and our neighbors at Social Kitchen and Brewery were on hand to talk about the brewing process and talk about their beers. I posted a few (old iPhone quality) pictures here.

Also on hand were brewmasters from 21st Amendment, the San Francisco Brewcraft supply store, Magnolia Pub, Bison Brewing, and MataVeza.

Whew! That's a lot of links! But all in all it was a lot of fun, and I never pass up a chance to go to the Academy. In fact, this was my second trip in less than a week - last Friday I got to attend a premiere of a documentary produced by the Professional Engineers in CA Government.

Entitled The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green, it was primarily concerned with developing alternative, non polluting forms of energy. It was very interesting to watch, not preachy, and overall rather worth watching. In a few weeks I'll be doing a contest with a copy of the film on DVD as a prize.

This weekend promises some nice weather, even in San Francisco, so be sure to enjoy it as much as you can. I shall be at home toiling away on all sorts of crazy PHP things and whatnots that should be done soon.

Also, I'm still waiting to see if we hear anything regarding yesterday's challenge. I'll post an update if anything happens. (In other words, I'll be working on the roof deck on PHP junk).

September 11, 2009

California Academy of Science Free Days This Weekend!

CAS_V_4C_CMYK_sm.jpg I've been rather busy with work this week, so much so I can't post as much as I want. But I wanted to make sure everyone knew about this great piece of news - the California Academy of Science will be FREE to anyone in the 94122, 94116, 94127, and 94132 zip codes Sept. 11-13. This is part of the Academy's ongoing series of free weekends, each time focusing on a few ZIP codes in San Francisco. Follow the link to check for eligibility requirements - you have to have ID or something else that simply proves you are indeed a resident of said ZIP codes. Enjoy!

Also, here's a fun fact - the guy who designed the logo for the Academy is also the guy who designed the logo for the recently departed Culture Bus. No kidding!

Enjoy the weekend!

April 15, 2009

Some Fun Events This Weekend: A Dogfest, A Picnic, and A Fix It Day! (UPDATED)

This weekend the wind is supposed to die down and the weather is supposed to warm up a bit. As you plan for what could be some nice springtime weather, check out a few events right here along the N Judah line:

-The Inner Sunset Facebook Group, which has attracted quite a following and has been holding many well-attended events, is planning a picnic this Saturday, April 18th from 10:30-1pm over at the White Crane Springs Community Garden.

-The House Formerly Known as the "Yes We Can" House on Irving and 6th is hosting a "Free Fix It Day", also on Saturday from 10-4pm, in their spacious backyard. As their flyer says "We'll try to fix anything except electronics & relationships ... for free. Bring your wobbly, loose, broken, frayed, splintered, torn, severed item. If we can't fix it, we'll give you twice your money back. Handy volunteers welcome."

-"DogFest 2009" will also be held on Saturday, from 11-3pm at Duboce Park as a benefit fundraiser for McKinley Elementary School. There will be a dog contest with categories created by the students, and a whole array of activities that should be fun for dog lovers and their friends.

All of these events are sort of happening at the same time, but they're all easily accessible by the N, so you can easily check 'em all out!

UPDATE: TwitterNeighbor Laurel has this new blog which highlights events of interest which you should check out as well. The Acme Steakhouse happy hour sounds like quite a bargain!

April 9, 2009

Happiness And Rainbows Day: Free Days at the Academy of Sciences, Based on ZIP Code!

Well after all the bad news of this week regarding MUNI budget Armageddon, it's time for something nice and fun. And what better place to have fun than at the phenomenally popular California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park - just a short walk from the N Judah or steps from the 44 O'Shaughnessy?

And for more fun - what if you could go for free? The Academy is now offering some special "free days" based on your ZIP code!

The "free days" will be in May and October - check the schedule and find out when your neighborhood gets a free day at the Academy! Bring some proof of residency and you and your neighbors can enjoy one of the most popular attractions in San Francisco.

March 13, 2009

Friday Fun: What To Do This Weekend!

After yesterday's drama, I thought it'd be good to do a Fun Friday post, and hopefully push away any bad luck associated with "Friday the 13th." So first, a joke from Mason Powell, who, upon hearing the news that Roche will be purchasing Genentech, asked "Does this mean the Genenbus will be renamed the Roche Coach?"

Thank you! We'll be here all week!

And now for some you all know, St. Patrick's Day is next week, which means that it's really St. Patrick's Next-Few-Days as we have tonight, the big St. Patrick's Day Parade tomorrow, and then Sunday, and Monday and...well you get the idea.

But tomorrow is not just the big parade....the famous Brides of March will be convening at the Tunnel Top at 2:30 tomorrow for their annual day out and about. You may recall we ran into them last year, along with St. Patrick's Day fans, zombies and Flickr people about a year ago at this time.

Locally, we have a few events worth noting. The always fun Inner Sunset Facebook Group, which has been holding some fun meetups locally, is going to be doing a walking tour of the neighborhood. Go to their Facebook event page, and RSVP for what looks to be an interesting tour of our neighborhood.

Also, Java Beach cafe will be hosting a family-friendly "Green Fest Block Party" in conjunction with the United Irish Cultural Center from 11am-4pm over by their new coffee shop at 2650 Sloat (at 45th). I always like Java Beach at the end of the N Judah line (where I've met many characters including this little bird), and now, they have another location at the end of the L-Taraval line.

I've also been reminded that tomorrow is Pi Day, where people celebrate that little number from geometry class. Go to the Exploratorium's site for a list of activities, and note where you are at 1:59pm tomorrow (get it? 3/14 1:59...)

Also starting up today is the annual SF Asian American Film Festival which always has some really interesting films to check out. I will be making sure to check out You Don't Know Jack, a short documentary about comic actor Jack Soo made by...Public Defender Jeff Adachi. Yes, that Jeff Adachi, who's been making some waves at City Hall because he, unlike some elected officials, seems to take his job seriously, and actually shows up to do it.

This is Mr. Adachi's second documentary - he made one a few years ago about Asian American male actors. It seems we have a Renaissance Man in the PD's office after all! Go Jeff!

Finally, for my fellow nerds out there, while you're watching the first piece of the very last episode of Battlestar Galactica tonight, why not check out this upcoming film series at the SFMOMA of dystopian futures from the past? I forgot to post this earlier, so they already had Logan's Run on last night. But more are coming along so make some plans. (Yes I know that these technically aren't happening this exact weekend, but I wanted to post a link ASAP).

That's all! Remember, if you have an event you'd like to tell others about, feel free to email me or send me a message on The Twitter (@njudah) and I'll try and include it in a future post!

April 6, 2007

Don't Forget! Starting Tomorrow, NO N-Judah Service To Caltrain & The Ballpark!

UPDATE JUNE 29th: N-Judah service HAS BEEN RESTORED TO THE BALLPARK! If you found this page on Google, please disregard it and read this update instead!

Hey Giants Fans! Don't forget - if you're going to the game tomorrow, the N Judah will no longer take you to PacBell/AT&T/SBC park!

Our friends at MUNI have posted this easy to read and understand page chock full of information, for your review! (

Well, let me amend that last statement. Yes, there is lots of information there, but it's arranged in such an incoherent manner, it might prove a bit confusing. Esp. the downloadable map - which is completely wrong!

You'd think in a city that's at the center of all sorts of internet innovation, MUNI might have a website that's at least somewhat easy to use.

April 6, 2006

Opening Day for the San Francisco Giants....and Dear Mr. Ford...

If you're going to the big game today, be sure to take the N-Judah to the ballpark. It'll drop you off right in front of the stadium so you don't have to worry about parking, etc.

Also, be aware that you can no longer buy a return fare outside the stadium before the game like you could in the past. You're better off just paying at the farebox with your quarters and dollars instead, I think.

And, if you're connecting to BART or other transit don't forget to take advantage of these little incentives that'll shave oh, a quarter or so off your return fare home.

Enjoy the game and this window of good weather we're's supposed to start raining again fairly soon!

PS: Be sure to check out the latest Dear Mr. Ford column at for some interesting photos of Muni arrival times...


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