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Weekend Video II, Electric Boogaloo: Steampunk-ish Whirly Thing I Saw On Balboa

The weather was too nice to sit inside and read nonsense on the computer, so I took a walk from the Inner Sunset, through Golden Gate Park, and then walked down Balboa all the way to the end. While doing … Continue reading

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Weekend Video: Genoa, City of Elevators and Funiculars

The weather is so nice this holiday weekend, I hate to be inside at all near a computer, but I caught this YouTube video about an odd elevator in Genoa, Italy, so I figured I’d post it. San Francisco has … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past: When Muni Operated Rail Service to…San Mateo!

One of the great things about The Internet is that people share things of interest. One of the things that sucks is when you can’t remember who it was that originally shared Something Cool, and you can’t give them credit. … Continue reading

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Learning Something From Our Friends in Russia Regarding Traffic

YouTube, like anything online, can be an open sewer of Everything Wrong With Humans, a fountain of knowledge, and a great time waster, all at the same time. A while back I somehow found myself watching a video from Russia, … Continue reading

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