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Reader Mail: A “What the Heck?” Moment on the N

This hasn’t been a great week so far for our Mighty N. First, we had the train jump the tracks last night, which caused quite a bit of ruckus. Now, Reader Peter writes in with a strange situation on the … Continue reading

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Reader Mail: A Tale of Clipper Card Woe

A reader wrote in via the SF Gate Transit Blog about a tale of extreme woe with Clipper Customer Service. It is the precise reason I have held out so long with my paper passes, hassles and all. In addition … Continue reading

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Urinating In Public: It’s Not Just For Bros at BTB Anymore! Now it’s a “Giveback” from Muni Operators!

Reader Brendan was riding the N Judah the othe day, and spotted a flyer tacked on to an out-of-order farebox with an “out of order” sticker on it. Despite the sticker, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out … Continue reading

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Reader Mail: A Loyal N Owner/Rider Expresses What A Lot Of Us Are Thinking + More Cuts via SF Appeal

This week has not been a happy one for our Mighty N….what with the chaos from the other day sending N-Judah trains to Church St. Station and so on. Reader Joel writes what a lot of you are thinking (based … Continue reading

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