Maybe We Need an Open Carry Law in San Francisco for Pedestrians

Given the contempt the Mayor and the SFMTA have for pedestrian safety, and their constant appeasement of UberLyft, perhaps it’s time San Franciscans shed their inherent dislike of guns and embraced an “open carry” law for pedestrians.

You can’t walk safely in the Irving/9th area anymore with so many poor driving, professionally distracted UberLyft drivers whose incompetence and desperation make them particularly dangerous. Since Ed Lee and the SFMTA are in the back pocket of Ron Conway and the tech elite, maybe it’s time we crowdsourced safety to an armed population.

(If your brain is too small to realize that I’m (mostly) kidding, that’s your problem, not mine.)

Seriously, how many more kids need to die under an UberLyft driver’s tires before someone does something?

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