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Call for Entries: Extreme Commuting 2012!

Hello blog friends! I'm back from my vacation to sunny Santa Monica/Venice Beach and I have to say I'm really charged up and ready to go for 2012. This was the first vacation where I did (almost) nothing work related in ages, and let me tell ya, it was just what I needed. I spent most of my time taking photos and posting to Instagram, and will post more to Flickr soon. That will be reserved for a later post, where I'll talk about some amazing acheivements they've made in the land of the car re: transit.

For now, however, I'm soliciting people to endure but a mere email interview regarding what I call an Extreme Commute for a new feature I'd like to do. How do I describe an Extreme Commute? It can be one of many things: maybe you commute from SF via Muni to Places Elsewhere on other transit systems, or perhaps you just have one within SF that requires that ever-so-elusive series of transfers than can either make your day or ruin it. Or something else.

For example, a few years ago I had a client whom I had to be on-site for in Layfayette. It was an excellent gig, but I also had to literally be on the first N inbound every morning, to ensure I made my transfer to BART, and get to the office out there by 7:30. Since there was no bus along the main drag in Lafayette, I had to walk a little over a mile to get to the office. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining (aside from the days that it rained LOL) but it was a bit of a hustle, and it did make for one Muni or BART #FAIL to ruin my morning. (Fortunately that only happened a few times and on days when it didn't matter). The plus side was that I got at least 2 miles a day of walking in, and I had a great client who I enjoyed working for.

That's but one example. I want to tell stories about more. Please contact me via email, and let's share some stories!


Do extremely *short* commutes count?

I'm planning on an occasional Berkeley-to-Cupertino commute for this year. Planning on doing:

-Downtown Berkeley to Embarcadero
-Embarcadero to 4th and King
-Caltrain to Sunnyvale
-Bike 5 miles

Pretty crazy, huh?

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