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Art? In the Sunset? Of Course! Check This Out!

Many of you might not be aware of an emerging group of artists and fellow travelers out her on the westside. Known as Is Art Here: Art in the Inner Sunset, who aim to promote artistic and community endeavors in the Sunset.

It's kind of odd to think that there are really not that many art galleries around here, and yet you have so many creative people out here doing some really nice work. Art Inner Sunset, however has an especially relevant show coming up that may be of interest to readers of the N Judah Chronicles - a show at Everybody Bikes on Irving at 15th related to the concept of transportation.

From the group's invitation at Facebook:

You are invited to the opening of "ART I.S. Getting Here".

Themes of transportation, journey, process, destination, road less traveled; whatever transporting means to you.

ART I.S. Getting Here will be on display at the Gallery at Everybody Bikes from June 18th to August 13th. On the night of June 18th we will showcase temporary pieces and installations, as well as live performances.

This theme has arisen from ART I.S.'s new collaboration with Everyone Bikes (1352 Irving St @ 15th Av) and as a means to point out that there are no galleries in the Inner Sunset and Sunset District as a whole. We want to let folks in the city know we are here!

Artists are encouraged to submit works on this theme. We are accepting submissions until MAY 27TH.

Apply here!

I think this sounds like a fun event, and if you're interested in submitting something, you really should do so ASAP. Heck, I might submit some of photos from my Flickr account. Either way I plan on attending the main event on June 18th, and hope to see you there!


Thanks for posting this Greg!

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