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Doing the Math on the Threatened "Sick out" by Muni Operators...During the Giants/Dodgers Series...IN SAN FRANCISCO!

I can't make this stuff up.

No, really.

Someone amongst the Muni operators is calling for a "sick out" (you know, an illegal strike where they can pull their "pay me not to work and frak Muni up" scam) September 14th through 17th.


Guess what? this coincides not only with your commute, your trip to the grocery store, your trip to get your kids from day care, your trip on Muni to, ahem USE THE SYSTEM YOU OWN FOR YOUR OWN REASONS.

It actually coincides with...the Giants/Dodgers series in San Francisco.

Yes, you heard that right. The wackadoodles at the TWU are going to do a sickout when EVERYONE IS COMING TO SF TO RANK ON THE DODGERS.

If this isn't an epic "f*ck you" from the TWU leadership to the Giants and to San Francisco, I have no idea what is.

The TWU leadership is doing its best to destroy itself at the expense of the great majority of operators who get us there and back again safely and with a courtesy and professionalism worthy of "the union label."


Can't wait to vote!

There are lots of wonderful muni drivers/operators out there. It's a tough job.

I don't get this though. Is this the union ?

I know multiple people that have lost their jobs in the last 18 months - whoever is driving this is out of touch with the USA's (our) current economic condition.

If it goes ahead it will only make November and afterwards more painful for muni drivers and their union...

- grow up, get with the plan, show some empathy and flexibility for your customer base and our current economic situation -

You want me to take away your 'privileges/benefits'
with a vote - sure. bring it on. I'm sure you can push us there.

sad. sad. sad.

don't think the 49ers don't see this when thinking about going to Santa Clara

Saturday's absenteeism
Scheduled Total Sick Vacation Unplanned Other
Unavailable Leave Reasons
Green 167 43 12 3 16 12
Cable Car 109 20 3 4 10 3
Potrero 158 41 11 4 23 3
Presidio 131 24 6 5 2 11
Kirkland 142 40 7 4 11 18
Woods 220 38 7 3 18 10
Flynn 160 31 5 4 15 7
TOTAL 1,087 237 51 27 95 64

So, to fill runs 51 OT
Thanks one and all.

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