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Blast From The Past: The Blackthorn Tavern, Circa 1950!

834-Irving-Street.jpgCourtesy of Woody LaBounty of the Western Neighborhoods Project (which we should all join and support), I got a copy of this photo of what is now the Blackthorn Tavern, circa 1950, from the WNP's amazing website. It's an interesting photo to say the least- note the second floor in this picture!

Woody is a local historian and all around interesting guy. You may recall that he wrote this guest blog last year, about the celebrations upon the approval of the Sunset Tunnel in the 1920s, back in the days when San Francisco got things done. He is also the author of Carville By The Sea, a history about the beachside neighborhood made up of homes created out of discarded streetcars.

The WNP also produces many short videos, available on Flickr. Here's an interesting one about the lost streetcar of 20th Street. Notice how many of the buildings at Irving and 20th are STILL THERE:


Most people don't know that Woody is also a fabulous juggler. He graduated from clown college.

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