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The Inner Sunset Gets A Little Play in the Chronicle via Kronos Quartet...

The ever alert Eve of SF Appeal passed on this link that appeared at SFGate today, a brief interview with the David Harrington, founder of the world famous Kronos Quartet, extolling the virtues of the Inner Sunset, which is home to the group. (Hey! That's cool!).

While I still consider Amoeba to be in the Haight, overall there's some nice picks in here. You may not be aware of this, but the Kronos Quartet actually wrote a song about our Mighty N, entitled Judah to the Ocean.

I think it's great to live in a neighborhood home to so many different kinds of people and businesses. Craigslist, Kronos Quartet, the Blackthorn, and so many more. Why live anywhere else?


Actually, it was the great local composer John Adams who wrote a string quartet for the Kronos called "John's Book of Alleged Dances." The 12-movement piece starts and ends with "Judah to Ocean," and it's a marvelous piece of music.

I stand corrected.

Dear Greg: I'll buy you a copy. It's really fun.

Er, what link?

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