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Random Weekend Photo: Buses on the N

Aside from a little rainy weather, this weekend was rather fun. Friday I went and finally tried out Ten Sushi with one of the Loyal Readers, and it was really good! Definitely worth a review soon. Saturday I had a bizarre case of Muni WIN when I took the 44 to Glen Park and made it with just a minute to spare, thus ensuring I made it over to Boalt Hall at UC Berkeley in time. Needless to say that was a good thing!

I was going there because I volunteered to be a juror for a 'Mock Court" case some students were doing. It was kinda fun, but I found out at the last minute I was surrounded by the cast of "Glee" (aka highschoolers in some mock trial thing whose teachers brought them there). It was still interesting but wow, Glee and Degrassi aren't that far off the mark, sometimes.

While waiting for the 44, I took this picture of a lurching N-bus on Saturday. Somehow, it just doesn't feel right to have buses on the N.

I'll be posting a short piece in advance of Sup. Dufty's hearing, and may even "live Twitter" it, but if nothing else I'll watch it on SFGov TV and write a short summary for those that can't make it (which sadly is a lot of people because it, like most hearings, is during the day).


if u get a chance, ask him when the pedestrian safety hearing is going to be -- seeing as how we just had our 23rd killing this year the other day.

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