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First A Muni Bus for Sale on eBay, now a Farebox for Sale on Craigslist!

Pete_TrolleyFarebox_1970s_100509.jpgBy now, you may have heard that there was a Muni bendy bus for sale on eBay which was purchased for a mere $3250 dollars, reported by our esteemed colleagues at SFist. Personally, I considered buying it myself and revamping it into a Culture Bus of my own, but I'm sure my neighbors in the Inner Sunset would not have appreciated me swiping what few parking spots we have on the block for this thing (although DPT would have made a fortune in tickets when I would forget to move it for street cleaning).

However, fret not, if you still want to buy a piece of Muni. It seems there is someone selling a real Muni farebox on Craigslist! Really! The seller claims it's a legit sale, and I'm sure it is.

Think of the possibities. If you have children, you could give it to them for Christmas, and set up the latest in board game fun - "Muni Fare Evader!" Or, bring it along and set up shop in the back and collect fares from unwitting back door boarders. It's definitely more unique than a gumball machine, and it's yours for a mere $325!


Forget about the Keene farebox! I remember the Grant Money-meters. I even remember the White (and later Mack) buses that were set up to collect the coin vaults from the fare boxes--I'd see them on late-night visits to the now vanished Geneva car house.

Oh man WANT!

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