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Real Posts Later, for Now I Finally Found That Ad They Shot on Irving Street...

I have a ton of "real" posts to do, but for now I wanted to post this short ad that I finally found (Thanks to Mason Powell) of the ad people keep telling me about that was shot on Irving Street.

It's an ad for Travelers and you can see the dog run down Irving Street, and past Pasquale's, and sit at a bus stop on the 28 Sunset line too. It's rare they film anything in this part of town, so it was a bit surprising to see this, finally.


I saw this on the tele the other day. That's also the old pacific stock exchange (now Equinox Gym) building that is portrayed as a "bank." Love that Pasquale's got a cameo.

That dog ran down YOUR street! LOL. This is awesome.

Oh, hey, I saw this being filmed a few months back. I guess I can stop wondering what that was all about now.

If anyone knows anything about a mayonnaise commercial also shot in that area, please tell us! I saw a big production a few months ago and was told it is for mayonnaise. But since then I've been unable to find the commercial.

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