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Links of Interest: FoundSF.org!

Recently, someone sent me a link at FoundSF.org, detailing plans for a 7th Avenue Freeway in the Inner Sunset, which would have been a dramatic change to the neighborhood, to put it mildly. But after checking out the map (complete with lots so you can see if your house would have been demolished or next to a busy freeway), I started reading some of the other articles, and it was quite interesting.

What makes FoundSF unique is the fact that much of its historical accounts are first person stories, or from primary sources, rather than something you might find on (sigh) Wikipedia. Although this means you have to do some checking on who's writing and consider their point of view, it also makes for a more lively read than an encyclopedia. Overall, an interesting place to spend an evening when one should be watching whatever's on Bravo.

Note: I was able to secure a Facebook Page name last night - you can now find us at http://www.facebook.com/njudahchronicles!


What a waste that would have been.

The freeways would have done more damage that you can see from a planning map. To support a car-based infrastructure, you also need:

- Parking lots
- Gas stations
- Car repair and auto body shops
- Car sales

The freeways wouldn't have been a scar so much as a cancer.

I hate to break it to ya Eric, but we've already got commercial variants of the first three in the Inner Sunset.

See also the Roughly Drafted blurb about the freeway revolt:


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