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Happiness And Rainbows Day: Free Days at the Academy of Sciences, Based on ZIP Code!

Well after all the bad news of this week regarding MUNI budget Armageddon, it's time for something nice and fun. And what better place to have fun than at the phenomenally popular California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park - just a short walk from the N Judah or steps from the 44 O'Shaughnessy?

And for more fun - what if you could go for free? The Academy is now offering some special "free days" based on your ZIP code!

The "free days" will be in May and October - check the schedule and find out when your neighborhood gets a free day at the Academy! Bring some proof of residency and you and your neighbors can enjoy one of the most popular attractions in San Francisco.


I believe the 2 free neighborhood weekends per year is reciprocity for our city tax dollars paying for the operating costs of the Steinhardt Aquarium.

The way we are taxed in this city, it's nice that occasionally we get a little bump back.

This list should be subtitled: "Crowds Galore: Additional Days NOT to go to Academy of Sciences"

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