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Getting Caught Up With The News, and Don't Forget: Obama Event at the Blackthorn Tonight!

Unfortunately, having to work for a living to pay the bills means I haven't been able to keep up with the site like I would like. However, there are only 40+ days left until the election is over (thank GOD), and I'm going to try and keep things going in the meantime as best I can. There are some timely bits of MUNI news you may have missed, though, that I wanted to make sure you got a chance to hear about. (Special hat tip to the fine folks at CurbedSF, who've been doing a good job keeping on top of stuff this week, and in general. Yay Curbed!)

First off, there's a pretty important community meeting about the future of the Duboce/Church intersection, often the place where MUNI Fail takes place. The Examiner did a story today about the proposed changes, and the attempt to do all improvements to the area at once, instead of doing projects one-by-one, ensuring an endless string of construction for the next 400 years. There is going to be a community meeting next week - check out the story at the Ex for details. You can also go check out the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association's blog for more information on how to get involved as well.

Next is news of the new MUNI CultureBus. Yes, you read that right. Starting on Saturday, MUNI will have a new line, the 74x, which will charge a special fare ($7, all day), and connect downtown and Golden Gate Park based museums and such. It's an interesting idea, particularly when tourists are often confused as to how to get from their downtown hotel to various museums and the like.

I wonder if perhaps this isn't the start of a trend for new MUNI moneymaking routes? Maybe we'll get some other specialty lines? North Beach, I'm lookin' at you and all your rowdy bars and restaurants and such.

Finally, in the "boring but important" department, MUNI will be opening a new MUNI maintenance yard on the east side of town this week. This is one of those things we as riders/owners of MUNI don't see every day, but affect our commute.

MUNI has always had a problem with train car storage and maintenance (too many cars, and nowhere to put them all), so opening this new facility could make a big difference, especially with all the mechanical problems train cars often have.

Fun fact for westsiders: the site of an apartment building/grocery store at Irving and Funston was once a train yard for the now-discarded train lines that went out to that part of town. Additional fun news: SFist has a proposed map of San Francisco in "the future" that includes a double-wide Sunset/Parkside district out in the bay.

Don't forget - if you're an Obama supporter and want to help the campaign on the westside, the Obama team will be hosting a volunteer event tonight from 6-8pm at the Blackthorn Tavern at Irving and 9th avenue. If Obama's your candidate for president, why not stop by and see how you can help out?


It's the first I've heard of the CultureBus. It doesn't seem like a bad idea, but would it have killed the SFMTA to publish a route map somewhere?

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