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Blast from the Past: The ORIGINAL Plan to Build a Market St. Tunnel - in 1935!

I have an RSS reader full of wonderful news and blogs, and one that never fails to provide the transit pr0n is The Overhead Wire, which reports on transity goodness from around the country.

Thanks to the good people at TOW, I caught this YouTube video of the first proposal to build a Market Street subway system. It is interesting to watch and see SF as the "City That Knows How," a city that built things and made things happen (as opposed to now, where it's the City That Knows How To Bitch).

It's also interesting to see the argument for bus service (also called "trackless trolleys") which were touted as a way to speed things up. If you've ever been stuck on a herky-jerky janky bus, you know that didn't quite work out as planned.

Anyway, check out the video, and hat tip to The Overhead Wire!


Ha, I love watching old videos of things like this. Interesting though the views and attitudes toward streetcars back then. Here we sit now, Tacoma, Portland, Seattle, and other cities working to get them back, at 50x the original costs. But it seems that people really do like them though, they get huge ridership. :)

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