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MUNI TroubleAlert is Ringing...Police Action Delaying All MUNI Trains

Good thing I checked the MUNI TroubleAlert before I left...it seems there's a police action that has cleared out Van Ness Station, and all trains in and out of the tunnels are delayed.

At least I found out BEFORE I made my plan to do the MUNI/BART thing. Plan accordingly and be safe, friends!


Greg, there was an awful delay later last evening. The kind that makes me lose all faith in MUNI. I posted it in the comments of the N post over at Muni Diaries.

Greg, have a GREAT time at Comicon!!!!!

Yes, last night I had to wait over 30 minutes for an N-Judah at Powell around 9pm. Good thing I had a good buzz going and some awesome tunes on my ipod.

This past Saturday, I had to go to work. Sucks to begin with, but then it took an hour from when I got onto the N, to get to Montgomery. Just sat outside the tunnel on church street for about 20 minutes.

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