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A Quick Video I Made to Commemorate Today's Day in MUNI FAIL....

A quick video I put together, made in about 20 minutes on iMovie....it is a bit rough but I went with "get it up quickly" vs. "spend too much time away from work making iMovies." If I have time this weekend I'll probably give it a little polish (my iMovie skills are a bit limited right now).

Enjoy and have a safe holiday.



Take a look at these shots from Thursday A.M.


I figured that would have been resolved before I left for work. Alas, it was not. The commute from the other end of the Sunset was just as tweaked. Then we got treated to one of these in the subway:


SIGH. This was the fifth time I've been on a train that's hit the emergency brakes. Thankfully this time it wasn't going very fast and nobody was thrown to the ground (unlike every other time).

That was really cute. Excellent music choice. Watch out for iMovie ...it's a black hole of fun.

I know what you can add to your film for the Criterion Collection/Director's Cut.

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