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Well I'm Glad I Have the MUNI Alerts on RSS After All...

I put the MUNI Alert RSS Feed into Google Reader to see if it'd be useful...and today it was, as it seems there's a derailed MUNI car at the Caltrain Station. As I need to take Caltrain today, well this helps me know that Things Will Be Delayed.

No details as of yet. If you use an RSS reader, you can cut and paste this URL into Google Reader or whatever you use, and be updated on the latest and greatest in MUNI mayhem:




A temporary derailment is understandable.

But a "switching problem" that takes over 24 hours to resolve? Trains that move slower than one could walk? A frozen Muni Metro control screen?

What the fuck, Muni?! Haven't you folks seen all those anti-meth ads at Castro?

@eric: yeah I agree...it seemed weird that they were able to move the derailed car out soon enough, but after that it was like, way slow. I half expected "Song of the Volga Boatmen" to start playing.

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