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O Hai! N Judah Delays Reported Via MUNI RSS Alert...

Looks like there's some damaged power lines that are delaying the N-Judah, in and outbound in the Outer Sunset, and buses are being provided to replace the streetcars....plan accordingly!

UPDATE: A Loyal Reader was kind enough to email me right after the wires broke, and took some pictures:

at the n-judah turnaround

just heard a sound like trampoline being detonated
somehow the judah screwed up its wires... you know
the big web of them down here at the turnaround.. they're
nicely tangled now :(

happened at ~3:15pm (4/28)

wondering if we'll see something on the RSS feed :)


I heard an announcement regarding this as I was exiting the M at Church Station - apparently it's affecting all outbound N's past 30th Ave.

Looks like I missed some excitement--earlier this month I stayed at the Oceanview Motel in a room with a bird's-eye view of all that "celestial knitting".
Bob Davis
(who has actually helped build trolley lines)

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