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O Hai! Dumb Driver Of the Week Almost Crashes into Cable Cars!

We had easily one of the stupidest people to get a driver's license barrel down Powell Street, yapping on her cell phone, thus managing to ignore every single sign and light that says "do not enter here, drivers!"
Because she was in such a hurry, she also sideswiped the parked cable cars to get wherever it was dumb blondes go on a Friday. The cable car operators frantically (and bravely) tried to flag her down and make her stop, but she did one of those smart ass "I'm waving at you even though I'm probably being a dumbass" waves that drivers do. (I really hate that, esp. when I'm driving and someone cuts me off illegally....)

Eventually she got to the end and made a sudden stop because, as anyone knows, the cable car turnaround is a dead end. That's why they put all those "cars please do not enter" signs. Funny, that.

Not to be content with almost crashing into a cable car or two (she was lucky as she sideswiped the parked ones the outbound car was still loading passengers and not in motion), she backed up and almost ran me and several pedestrians over. Apparently, that whole "steering" thing cars have you do was a bit much for her.

Eventually a cable car operator explained to her just how dumb she really was, and managed to at least make sure she backed out safely.

I really wonder sometimes if we're a bit too lenient on who we give driver's licenses to these days. If nothing else, a hat tip to the Governor for banning cellphone use (well sorta). Too bad our Supervisors and Mayor are too busy protesting stuff overseas - maybe they could show some leadership on auto safety here in San Francisco - you know the city that actually elected 'em and stuff?

Perish the thought!


Heh, that's messed up, despite the fact that the portion of that part of the street used to feed into Market Street...that's why never drive while talking on the cell phone!

Dangerous and irresponsible? Yes. But at least she didn't drive two miles into a Muni tunnel. That sort of thing takes a special breed.

Did she even receive a citation... a ticket... anything? I'm sure she didn't learn anything from this.

This is obviously a misogynist post aimed solely at a woman for daring to drive in a mighty man's world. I'm amazed that the author didn't talk about putting the driver back in the kitchen where she belongs, or some other backwards crap.

Look, pal, everybody makes driving mistakes. It happens to MEN as well as women. For you to single this person out based solely on her gender is unfair, irrational, and nothing more than hate speech.

I demand that you remove this post immediately, and publish an apology for your despicable conduct. Failing that, if you could at least remove your head from your ass, it would be much appreciated.

Here's hoping that no one is dumb enough to be friends with you, much less a woman to have a relationship with a pig like you.

ok that last comment made me laugh out loud on a day when I needed it. Reminds me of my old Santa Cruz days.


That time of the month? Take a Midol sweetheart and stop overreacting.


ok, so the post was sexist bullshit. making an issue of the gender of the driver?! fuck that. not ok. But making fun of stupid drivers, we need more of that. just sayin'.

um, if you honestly thing the post was "sexist" and you-'not joking, you're intrinsically an idiot! :-)

Thats a whole lot of dumb going on, and for her to get off with no repercussion is a tad infuriating.

And as far as the sexist comment, you should be cited as well.

Someone needs to invent a new type of "severe tire damage" spike that impales the driver. Would make the roads a lot safer.

anyway, um, getting back to this bad driver...bets on her being either a tourist in a rental car OR a b&t guest from the hinterland.

"For you to single this person out based solely on her gender..."

Wow, rfjason is hilarious - you had me going for a bit there.

The "dumb blonde" bit did make me sigh.
Of course, I was recently reading an essay on ingrained misogyny in our society.
I suppose I'm reminded of my time in Santa Cruz, too. ;s

But yeah, glad the cell phones are going to be ticketable soon.

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