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Pictures, Because It Happened: New Signals On Irving and 9th, Hopefully Mayhem and Noise Will Die Down...

2319638529_da343fafe8.jpg Well, it seems the SFCTA meant what they said and said what they meant: as you can see by the picture here (as well as here on Flickr) the process of installing a better traffic signal system has begun.

After hopes were somewhat falsely raised last year, it's hoped that this will not only ensure safety, but perhaps speed things up for both cars AND trains. (And if you're really that curious here's why it makes that turn in the first place)

After a string of accidents, including the tragic accident last month, and other collisions reported in by loyal readers, and a hapless mini crusade, both here and on Mr. Mayor's "blog", it's nice to just see something happen at all. All this effort, just to get someone to acknowledge a promise made back in 2006.

I really hope they make this work, and if it does work out, I think the politicians and the folks at the assorted alphabet soup of agencies need to hear that if they do their jobs and make something work better for everyone (cars, transit, pedestrians, and residents) that's a GOOD thing, and screwing around, spending our money on foolishness isn't.


I really hope this finally happens. Not sure how much more proof we need to show it's necessary.

Wow, it has now been 2 months and we still don't have working signals. I am pretty sure I could done it myself, by now. Any updates on why it is taking so long?

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