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Fun with MapJack.com and the N

If you haven't already checked out the wasting-time-at-work fun that is MapJack, well put down that TPS report and get thee to the site immediately.

Yes, its like the streetview that is the glory of Google Maps, but the street view is bigger and more detailed than Google Maps. Currently only SF and a city in Thailand are represented, but that's fine, because you can actually follow and beat an N Judah train inbound.

Just click on this link and turn "Jack" around to go inbound on Judah Street. Click on the dots and you'll notice you're following the same N train, until it stops near 7-11, and then off you go, passing the Mighty N by.

Hey, it beats working, right?


Cool. I went to 9th & Judah, "walked" up a block to 8th, and discovered that the little science fiction bookshop I remember is still there!

Get out of here! MapJack is so cool! I was going to complain about the N but now I don't care anymore.

TPS reports, indeed. That's a good one. Where's my stapler?

Awesome! Just when I think the Internet couldn't possibly get any more distracting, this comes along. :)

I wasted half an hour, but I found my own car and a homeless guy crossing the street in front of my apartment. Awesome!

boy, that didn't take long. you could even stop at judahlicious and beat the muni.

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