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Putting the Blog on Autopilot: More Translink Nonsense….

Sometimes you can put this thing on autopilot since it writes itself….It seems that folks at BART are suggesting BART cut ties with Translink, the makers of those useless boxes on MUNI that were supposed to be used to collect … Continue reading

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Oh My God, It’s Finally Here: The Transit Effectiveness Project Report….

For the better part of a year, news of the ongoing Transit Effectiveness Project has been kicked around as meetings, studies and whatnot have been devoted to try and figure out where and what MUNI needs to change in order … Continue reading

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A Day In the Life of the 44 O’Shaughnessy, Courtesy of the Chronicle

This morning’s Chronicle has an interesting feature about one day in the life of a MUNI Bus, and in particular, one on the 44 O’Shaughnessy (which was recently re-routed to connect better with the T Third line) The 44 has … Continue reading

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O Hai! CW Obvious and I Sort of Agree on the Central Subway….

Well at least someone besides me said it: CW Nevius wrote a couple of pieces in the Chronicle this past week, expressing similar concerns to my own that we’re about to embark on an expensive white elephant of a rail … Continue reading

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