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What Is Going on at 19th Avenue and Ulloa/Vicente? UPDATED

"Mason Powell," one of our loyal corrrespondents, reports that something is blocking 19th around Ulloa and Taraval, necessitating a re-route of the bus he was taking from the Daly City BART to Irving Street.

Trains don't seem to be delayed (too badly), however. Anyone see what happened?

UPDATE: Flickr user DeathByCamera took some pictures of the incident yesterday and posted them to Flickr and SFist's "contribute" section!


the N judah hit a lady crossing the street on 9th and irving

the N judah hit a lady crossing the street on 9th and irving

I was in that traffic coming north up 19th Avenue from hwy 280. We were diverted at around Taraval and up through on 18th Avenue. Best I could see, unless my eyes deceived me, was the bottom of a truck spread across both sides of the road, maybe at Vicente(?). I want to know too. Did anyone else see it?

I drove by it on the way out of the city, is was a big truck turned on it's side blocking all 4 northboubg lanes on 19th ave. Happened b/w 1:30-2:00 pm b/c it wasn't there on my way into the city... looks like no other cars involved, unless they cleared them...

An overturned bobtail truck was blocking all three lanes of northbound 19th avenue. I don't think anybody was injured, but traffic was a bitch and people were angry (especially on 18th avenue where i was unfortunately in the middle of a lot of honking and frustration).

I would have investigated this myself, but I was busy at work and could not get out and about at the time of said incident, so I appreciate your comments! Thanks!

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