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The Non Halloween Schedule For MUNI AKA Oh CRAP Was That A Quake????

Holy Crap!

Whilst writing a snarky post about the MUNI's massive frakups for Halloween-That-Is-Not-Is, I just got whacked by a really serious earthquake!


Here's the latest from the MTA/MUNI. I am going to find out more about the quake....talk about live blogging....


Ah, bloggers unite. I was writing a trivia round-up on sf.metblogs when the quake hit. My niece & nephew were in a bath, and my mom was in a conference. Now at least I know they all know the proper procedures for earthquakes! 6 year old niece: "we need to get under a table!"

That really was quite the shake up, wasn't it? My upstairs neighbors had somebody try to break into their apartment via the roof on Friday and they thought that the home intruders were back. I stood under a door way, feeling quite foolish - as if that would keep this 100 year old apartment house from collapsing on my head.

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