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If You Can Read This You're Lucky....Power Outages in SF....

Well that explains a lot....I was wondering why so many sites were "down" and our intrepid friends at SFist are reporting about all sorts of power outages down town. Valleywag posts that in fact part of the problem seems to be a drunk employee at a downtown data center. Yikes! For now, my sidebar blog at VOX is down as are a whole lotta sites....

So, if you can read this article, I suppose you should consider yourself lucky! Let me know if any MUNI drama results - I'm working safely in the Sunset all day today and managed to avoid any MUNI commuting today!


I was riding the escalator down at the Galleria and it came to a jerking halt. Luckily I was close to the bottom so I got myself to the MUNI quickly and came home before any more problems could develop.

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