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A Moment of Praise for the Patient 6-Parnassus Driver Today

These days, given the N's foibles, I've been "cheating" on my beloved N and taking the 6-Parnassus when it's convenient. Yeah, I know, but I can't wait for MUNI to figure out how to fix the trains and wait decades to get home during rush hour.

Anyway, today whilst taking the 6, when the bus approached the intersection of Haight and Masonic (always a scene and not in a good way) , it turned out we were arriving as the SFFD and SFPD were cleaning up an accident involving a scooter that was leaking gasoline. In other words, there was going to be a delay.

The bus driver took pains to ask the police involved how long it would be before the accident would be cleared up so she could make the left on to Masonic, and assured passengers that she was doing what she could to get us past said accident. She was professional with both cops and riders and reminded us she couldn't just let us out on a busy street on Haight since there'd be a serious risk of someone getting hit by the 71 or the cars.

Now, this is when some of our fellow citizens on the bus chose to act like a bunch of snotty hipster bitches, and started shouting nonsense at the driver, demanding to be let off the bus immediately. Even after several of us told them to pipe down because the driver was on the case, they kept on acting like jerks. The driver made a good point, saying that the injured scooter guy probably didn't plan on getting in a serious accident during rush hour, and that a little patience while the poor guy was carried out on a stretcher was in order.

Within minutes, we were on our way. Hipster bitches got off the bus. I said a special thank you to the driver when I departed, and thought "Hey, why not post at least some positive news for a change."

It's times like these I wish the MUNI driver's union would do more for the driver of bus 5421 on the 6 Parnassus who was trying to help passengers, instead of defend the top 25 jerks who cause all the problems. Seriously.


I don't have anything constructive to say other than: Hear! Hear!

Nice post. Next time we want PHOTOS of the "snotty hipster bitches," so be sure to carry your camera everywhere, dude.

@sfmike: well I did have the cell phone camera but as I said earlier recently I have had some bad experiences with taking pics on MUNI, so I pick my situations. Plus by the time I got a good shot, the entire affair would have been over anyway....

today should be a fun day for pics, we have Critical Mass, zombies downtown, and whatnot. And the Green Party is having a convention this weekend (barf).

Don't forget to submit a report to Muni! That way, the driver can get a raise if they ever manage to switch to merit-based pay.

How funny. I was on the bus directly behind you. I saw the commotion and got off at Central and walked home. Your bus passed me about halfway up the Masonic hill. I never saw the scooter rider - did you? Hope they weren't too banged up.

I appreciate the good news. For all the times things go bad and people complain, it's nice to hear some good stuff every once in a while, even if things are going bad at the moment (Muni)

We wouldn't be getting ads from KQED if we were 100% negative, gang.

Remember: this blog started not as a 100% bitching about MUNI blog but as an observation of urban life and lore from the perspective of a guy who just relies on MUNI to get around.....

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