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Thursday Commute: How's It Going So Far?

I took a few days off because frankly, after last week's disaster, and the Cylon-esque T-Third Ceremonies (for which I'll post a short article and photos later), I needed a break.

However I wanted to start an open thread here on today's commute, which according to the Chronicle is potentially a disaster as the Giants have an afternoon game, and they'll be trying to cram as many trains in the tunnel as possible.

Given many of the problems people have been talking about, similar to the one that Metroblogging SF writer Jason DeFillippo reported yesterday, it makes me a bit worried.

Post your observations in the comments. Also, feel free to discuss the latest ratings by citizens of MUNI, which has dropped to a C-. Is that acceptable to you as a MUNI rider? Or perhaps should MUNI shoot a little higher?

PS: If you haven't already seen this absolutely priceless photo by Luke Thomas at Fog City Journal, check it out. It was taken during the big Meltdown of 2007 last week. What captions would you come up with for our Fearless Leaders?


Before the game (at 11am) on the N, they had muni employees in orange vests handing out 1-page notices telling people to change trains in the subway to an S or T. The driver repeated that twice in the subway, and personnel on the platform repeated it at Civic Center...

I've mostly been been taking BART to school and to downtown; I just didn't have the energy to deal with more MUNI messes. However, I did take MUNI downtown last Monday and was upset at how crowded the cars still were at 11 AM. Needless to say, I took BART back to my neighborhood and walked the extra blocks home. I saw your photos on the opening; nice photos --- too bad they have no relationship to MUNI reality. How goes the apartment hunting?

N Judah is absolutely the worse train I have ever seen in my entire life. The schedule is a HUGE problem, and the trains are always broken. I don't understand why they can't see the N Judah with their own eyes. Every single train is so crowded, and it is ALWAYS late.

It is ridiculous to wait for your train for 25 minutes during rush hour, and the train ends up being too crowded to get on. WIth N Judah, that happens EVERYDAY.

I can not believe I am paying tax money to get absolutely the worst service I can possibly get with N Judah. MUNI people are obviously the stupidest people in the world.

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