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Our First T-Shirt is Now On Sale! Buy Now!

Loyal Readers: Today we introduce our first t-shirt design to help support the N-Judah Chronicles. Mason Powell came up with an interesting design to test out the service provided by the good people at GoodStorm.com.

I'd always wanted to offer some swag for the site, so we decided to test things out with GoodStorm to gauge interest and test out their system..

The design of our first shirt, "The N is Near" (get it?) is courtesy of Mason Powell, an occaisional contributor and our MUNI historian/ photographer here at the site.

We'll have more in the future but for now, try out the service, buy a shirt, and let us know what you think!

Update: Based on feedback from readers we've modified this design since we introduced it on Friday. The updated shirt went online yesterday. Thanks to all so far who've bought a shirt! We appreciate it!


Great idea for a shirt! One quick comment though: The placement of the design on the shirt is very low. It needs to be moved up so the "The" is much closer to the collar. Also, it could be about 20% smaller overall. I've designed screen graphics for more than 10 years... these 2 easy changes would make for a much improved shirt.

@therobin: Thanks for the advice! this was a prototype to see if there was any interest and to experiment with the templates GoodStorm provides!

I see what you mean - we'll adjust accordingly! Thanks for your help!!

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