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Giants Fans and Media Alert! Changes to the N-Judah Will Affect Your Trip to the Ballpark!

UPDATE JUNE 29th: N-Judah service HAS BEEN RESTORED TO THE BALLPARK! If you found this page on Google, please disregard it and read this update instead!

Giants fans! For years you may have been taking the N-Judah to the ballpark to avoid having to park in an expensive lot, or to enjoy the thrill of mass transit with your fellow baseball fans. Yay!

However, be aware of some changes that are timed in such a way that might make things a bit confusing, so as a public service I'm laying it out for everyone to make sure people can get to the game easily.

If you are going to Opening Day on April 3rd or any game on April 3rd-6th, take the N-Judah like your normally would. The train will still go to the ballpark on those days.

Alternately , if you're an out-of-towner on BART (or just not coming from the Sunset), take your mode of transit to town, switch off at Powell, Montgomery or Embarcadero Stations to the N-Judah, and proceed directly to the ballpark.

Starting April 7th, the N-Judah will NO LONGER GO TO THE BALLPARK. So, if you're going that day to see the Giants play the Dodgers, you will have to get off the N-Judah and and switch to a T-Third or a J-Church train somewhere downtown.

Alternately , if you're an out-of-towner on BART (or just not coming from the J-Church or T-Third lines), take your mode of transit to town, switch off at Powell, Montgomery or Embarcadero Stations to the T-Third or J-Church, and proceed directly to the ballpark!

Be sure to take note of which day you're going to the ballpark and make plans accordingly!

You can download a copy of the Giants schedule and make a note if you like. It's easy to forget after making such a habit of taking the N to the ballpark - heck even I would most likely go on "autopilot" and forget, and I write a freakin' blog about the N-Judah! So there's no shame in not knowing - just try and keep informed ahead of time so you're not late to the game!

After years of telling people to take the N to the park, it will not be easy at first to get fans to realize they need to switch and take the T or J instead, but here's to hoping MUNI will post some extra big signs on the 7th for the big switchover!


The SFMTA hasn't yet updated their game day service information, but one-car T and J service will not be enough.

I need to add a disclaimer this was a few months ago so it could have changed, but the plan I heard was on game days, they would run two-car Ballpark Shuttles (they did this in addition to the N-Judah service before too) with the J-Church terminating at Embarcadero.

Besides just the capacity problem of one-car trains or the added cost of running two-car J and T trains, this offers a couple benefits:

1) It concentrate the added service in the Market Street subway which benefits commuters as well.

2) For many games it would mean different lines running before and after the game which could be a point of confusion.

I promise you there are a large number of riders who, being unfamiliar with the system and nervous of getting lost, are only looking for the same line they took before when it's time to go home.

My favorite example of this is the week surrounding Pride when you are bound to see tourists letting K and L trains pass because someone told them they could take the M to get to Castro.

hi, fyi:
The J will only run past embarcadero to caltrain & the ballpark at PEAK hours during weekdays -- and NEVER on weekends.

T line is the only line that will consistently run to and from the ballpark after april 7.

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