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Holy Triskadecaphobia! Muni + Cable Cars Melt Down!

Yeah, really. I would have posted sooner, but hey, Battlestar Galactica and an ice-cold beer beckoned to me sooner. No, seriously, I got off of BART and found that the MUNI downtown was out of service.

Determined to get the frak out of Dodge, I figured, "Hey, I have a MUNI pass, let's take that crazy Cable Car" but it was for naught, as it seems there was a 911 call with La Policia y Los Bomberos De San Francisco responding, and blocking the way. Fine.

I took this as a cue to have a drink downtown at a favorite bar and not get all worked up about Friday the 13th. After all, if the worst thing that was happening was a MUNI meltdown that got me a nice cocktail at happy hour, and perhaps a moment to pause and think about things not hyper-work related, well, who's complaining?

Besides, I got home in time to watch Battlestar Galactica, and that's all that matters, right?

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