What Was Up With That Late Night Jack-Hammering in the Inner Sunset?

Over the weekend, a Loyal Reader sent me a note that there was road work being done in and around 9th/Judah late at night (actually about 2:30 in the morning on Sunday). Obviously since no one is working at the SFMTA at that time it was impossible to ask anyone what was up.

I sent in an email today to try and find out what was going on. Once I get a response, I’ll post it here. I find it strange they’d be doing routine work at 230 in the morning on a Sunday, especially jack-hammering pavement, etc., unless it was an emergency of some sort, but we shall find out.

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Obligatory Post About a Poop-Fueled Bus in the UK

San Franciscans seem to enjoy talking about poop a lot. So much so, that earlier this week a map of where humans have pooped in public made a big splash amongst those online. (I couldn’t resist, sorry). Poop talk isn’t just limited to jovial blogs – in San Francisco, it can become a key issue in a local Supervisorial campaign as well!

Thus, when I saw this link about a bus in the UK fueled by human (and other) waste, well it was a no brainer to post the link. I mean think of the possibilities – Muni could knock off dependences on fossil fuels AND potentially create a revenue stream for those who need it most. Plus the streets would be cleaner, etc.

Cheap post, I know, but it was hard to resist. Besides, poop!


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Sunset Tunnel Upgrades Continue This Weekend


buses on the n judah line!

By now most people should be aware that the ongoing weekend repairs and upgrades to the tracks in the Sunset Tunnel are continuing this weekend, but assuming is much is assuming a lot. So, just in case you forgot, yes, there will be bus service (!) on the N line while the work is done this weekend and next weekend. After that, the next closures will be in 2015.

The improvements are needed and the closures won’t last forever so it’s worth it, but it does make the trip downtown a bit longer. For your enjoyment as you take a little longer to get around town, consider the proposal for a Sunset Subway made in the 1960s. The always awesome Erik Fisher has some pics on his Flickr Account, and here you can read a little more about said proposal.

If, as some propose, we increase dense development on the west side of San Francisco, it will necessitate a significant increase in mass transit offerings way beyond the N and the L and assorted bus lines. It is simply not possible to jam 30-40,000 more people out here and think it won’t have an impact on traffic, especially when you have a highway (19th Avenue) plowing through it all.

Anyway, enjoy!

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So Who Reallly Won the Election in San Francisco After All?

Please pardon the various changes here, as I continue to set up this blog on a new CMS. So far it’s looking ok, but there’s still so many details!

Now that the dust has settled from Election Day, and all of the quickie prognostications are safely filed away under the section “who cares?” it’s time to take another, more sober look at what won and why.

The Big Ol’ Muni Bond (Proposition A) passed. I reluctantly endorsed this despite my reservations about language in the measure, and I suppose it’s better it passed, warts and all, versus losing, and creating a new Death Spiral of increased costs. I was concerned that the campaign was in a bit of a pickle, since it started so late.

Now, the local organ for the City Family wants to anoint this as a win based solely on the efforts of His Highness, Ed Lee, but the sad fact is this – the campaign for A had this thing called money. Any opposition to it had none. Any time this is the case, the side with money to spend on endless brochures and ads, no matter how crappy, win. If people get no real reason to vote no, they vote yes in San Francisco.

Proposition B, the budget set-aside hastily put on the ballot by Supervisor Scott Weiner, also passed. In this case this measure passed despite having no money spent on its behalf, but was up against a non-existent opposition. That is, aside from the Mayor, who was angry that Weiner put this on the ballot, and vowed “punishment” for those who dared oppose His Highness.

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