Fear and Loathing With the San Francisco Giants in the Inner Susnet


No, really. WOW.


These are the things I felt sitting at the Blackthorn Tavern, unsure if I should even be there, watching the end to the 2014 World Series. I mean we’d just had our asses handed to us by the Midwest. The Giants had that bad part of the year. What was going to happen?

I was going to just watch it at home and then I got all Bluto from Animal House, said “f it” and walked my ass to the Blackthorn Tavern, home to where I’d won #Tickettuesday FOUR TIMES for Giants games and won TWO MORE but gave up tickets to the bar because, well, I’m that guy.

OK FOCUS. Just as that moment when Brandon Ishikawa magically did that whole “hit the ball” thing and moved us into the World Series, there was that moment again when, thanks to MVP x 1000 Madison Bumgartner fucking ended the Royals and there we were. Oh what was it like? Show you my video, I has them: https://vimeo.com/110514771

Yes. Like that.

SO. Anyways, the next thing was What Will Happen to SF. This is where both the SFPD and the “Mayor” Ed Lee fucked it up. Pardon the language but literally. S Was Fucked Up.

First of all, they, the SFPD blocked off Irving Street. Ok? Sure. But then they had over 20 cops making sure NO ONE WALKED INTO THE STREET. Funny thing, as crazy as things were, bar owners and operators were being cool, respecting the law, and so on. NO ONE was walking anywhere they were not told to. In fact, bar owners like the Blackthorn, Yancys’s and others were doing their job and keeping things within the law.

Meanwhile in the Mission…the same stupid bullshit that happens ANY time we win a World Series happens. At this point this is not o hai we didn’t knows this shit would not happen.


No. No. No.

Idiots burning Muni buses, or futons, or whatever? NOT A SURPRISE. Where were Supervisors David Campos and John Avalos, asking for people to NOT BURN SHIT AND MUNI BUSES? Then Muni just shut down totally. We are champions – we can foresee this and deal in advance. SF? Nope. Just roll over and be Idiots.

Idiots being idiots. Oh and fuck you Uber, chickie. How’s that app working for ya?

So here is how it’s going down. While Mayor Ed Lee was playing Table Tennis with tech bros, the city was on fire. When the SFPD told him to NOT HAVE A BIG SCREEN AT CIVIC CENTER, he ignored it. Whe the deployment of assets was clearly not done right….ED LEE WAS PLAYING TABLE TENNIS.

Hell, it’s not like HIS family or backers could give a poop, right?

It is time for a change. It is a time for a change from a regime that seeks to depopulate Actual San Francisco. It is time for a winner in Room 200. It is time for someone who will appoint Leaders to the SFMTA who Actually Care about Transit Owner/Riders.

It is time for a revolution against the transactional politicos who occupy the City.

Will you answer the call, State Senator/Unsung Hero of Transit Mark Leno?

Will YOU?

And will YOU, owner/rider of Muni?

I’m waiting.

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Quick Guide to the 2014 Elections in SF

Although I am still in the middle of rebuilding and upgrading the blog, I wanted to do a quick set of endorsements for the 2014 election in San Francisco. The statewide offices are going to be pretty much a blowout for a certain party (why, I don’t know but whatever), but locally we have some important issues so here we go with my quick, dirty, and extremely pointed suggestions for you if you haven’t voted yet.

Proposition A (Muni bond): Reluctant YES. I don’t like the wording of this thing – Joe Eskenazi did a great exposé on this a few weeks ago, and I don’t necessarily trust this administration or its appointees to do the right thing with borrowed money. That said, NOT doing so now would only increase the cost of needed projects later, and we have a chance to vote in new leadership very soon which could ensure the money is spent well. So, YES.

Proposition B (Set-asides for Muni): NO. For 9 years I’ve been saying the SFMTA and Muni need a stable funding source of their own, I supported Proposition A in 2007 which claimed to do that (and was eviscerated by Mayor Newsom and others soon afterward). There has been no real campaign to push this at all, no mailers, no TV ads, no money, so I’m voting NO. If Supervisor Wiener was serious about this, he would have mounted a real campaign – instead he put it on the ballot and spent most of his time raising money for himself, even though he has no real opposition. Try again, City Hall, you’re failing right now at this.

Proposition C (Some Kids Thing): NO. I don’t understand why we have to keep voting on these special little taxes or funds or whatever to pay for “kids.” Can’t we just raise some taxes for the schools and be done with it?

Proposition D (Something about Retirees): NO COMMENT. This is one of those things I don’t understand why we have to vote on, I’m sure there’s some arcane reason but don’t we pay people big salaries to figure this out for us?

Proposition E (“Soda Tax:): NO. There’s no evidence any of the money raised would actually prevent any kids’ obesity – this is a big money grab by Parks and Rec and other City Departments to get more money. I’m sure plenty of people will be hired with six figure salaries to do “outreach” and many “contractors” will get their money, but I have no evidence it would help people’s health.

Proposition F (Waterfront): YES. Everyone that usually is at each others’ throats politically are all supporting this, so feel good and I guess something wonderful will happen. Just like they always say.

Proposition G (Real Estate Tax): Sort of YES. I mean, this bears no resemblance to the bill Harvey Milk championed, and if passed will likely be thrown out in court. That said, the SF Realtors have spent a lot of money pumping out scary mailers that are full of it, so I’m voting yes as a big middle finger to the San Francisco Realtors Association downtown. Also, I don’t like seeing people evicted from their homes by some out of town speculator.

Propositions H & I (Parks): Oh, God, I’m voting YES/NO. I can’t believe I’m actually having to take a position on this, and once again I’m finding I dislike both sides (the H people keep bombarding me with emails) but again, this is a vote out of spite to stick it to SF Parks and Rec, who are on a mad dash to make you pay for the parks you already pay for. These people make Muni look good, so stick it to Parks and Rec and hope that when the dust settles, we can have a change of leadership in City Hall that might actually consider the public’s interest first for a change.

Proposition J (Minimum Wage): YES. Although I think this should be a federal issue, and keep things consistent everywhere to make it easier to administrate, the minimum wage of today is worth less in actual dollars than it was in 1968. I know there are some downsides, but when you consider how much it is to live anywhere around here, not just SF, I can’t see why not. Besides the bigwigs got their big pay raises for decades.

Proposition K (Housing Affordability): NO. This is a useless “advisory measure,” which means that you can have this thing say anything to make you feel good, but it has absolutely no power of law at all whatsoever. We vote on these things every cycle and they get people riled up, when in fact it can’t do a thing about the issue it purports to support. Vote NO, and if someone has a measure to banish these idiotic things once and for all, vote for it!

Proposition L (Anti Muni Measure): NO. This is a useless (and extremely stupid and misleading) “advisory measure,” which means that you can have this thing say anything to make you feel good, but it has absolutely no power of law at all whatsoever. We vote on these things every cycle and they get people riled up, when in fact it can’t do a thing about the issue it purports to support. Vote NO, and if someone has a measure to banish these idiotic things once and for all, vote for it!

That’s all for now. I’m not taking comments on this post because the comment system hasn’t been finished yet, and if you don’t like one of these, you’re free to vote however you like. I really don’t care, but people keep asking me so here’s my take – do with it what you will.

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Hey! Apparently I was named one of the top Twitters in SF to Follow!

thrillistBeen a crazy week, first getting the blogs moved (more or less) intact over to a completely new CMS, then trying to decide how the new blogs will look like, and now this: apparently I was named as one of the top 30 people to follow on Twitter in SF via Thrillist.

Needless to say this was a surprise, similar to when I found I won “Best Local Blog” in the San Francsico Bay Guardian “Best of the Bay” issue in 2008. In both cases I had no idea such things existed so it was a genuine surprise.

ANYWAY, enough self congratulatory yakking. There’s a bit of a learning curve to this WordPress thing, and there are just so many options for design and functionality, it’s a bit overwhelming. News like this, however, does give me the kick in the shiny metal ass I needed to get the blog back up and running. Thanks Thrillist, and thanks to all of you who actually read this or my Twitter account.

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Changes Coming to the NJC!

Thanks to talented professionals who know what they are doing, I’ve managed to migrate my entire 9+ years worth of posts into WordPress! This will not only ensure that I can blog on non-orphanware, it also means it will be easier for me to update via iPhone and make changes so the blog looks like something from 2014, not 2005.

It will take me a little while to get all the artwork and other assorted add ons done, but WordPress is easy to use and I’ve had some experience with it doing the Muni Rider Voter Guide in 2010. I’ll make a formal announcement soon!

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