Inner Sunset to be Renamed the “Westside Treat District” in Honor of its Many Treat Shops

You may not be aware of it, but efforts to rename the Inner Sunset have finally come to fruition. Earlier efforts by people who thought the name “Inner Sunset” was apparently “too ghetto” and made it harder to sell houses wanted to rename it to Something Else. Their efforts have failed and instead, in recognition of the many treat shops that have opened recently, in addition to those already here, and more on the way, it has been decided that the Inner Sunset will now be referred to as the Westside Treat District!

Artist Rendition of the Inner Sunset Under New Name

Artist Rendition of the Inner Sunset Under New Name

This really comes as no surprise, as yet another ice cream shop will be opening soon on Irving Street, just 1/2 a block from the “handmade” ice cream shop at 9th and Irving, which itself is only 1/2 a block from Easy Breezy, the premiere fro-yo spot in town. Just a few doors down, San Franpsycho is selling ice cream AND coffee. All of these are just a block from Holy Gelato. Not to be outdone, the bakery community has also set up shop, what with no less than 4 6 bakeries in the immediate 9th/Irving area, and the donut shop on 9th/Judah. I’m not sure whether to count Tart to Tart as a coffee place, a bakery, a taco place or what, but it counts too.

In addition, the 5 coffee shops in the vicinity, and the infamous Quickly bubble tea/snack joint will be joined by 1 and possibly 2 more a few doors down. It seems odd anyone would open anything boba tea related given that the Quickly chain shop never seems to have anything near the business of ones just a few blocks away on Irving/20th, but I guess that’s not deterring these folks, who have been “so close” to opening for months…

Add it all up, and the name “Westside Treat District” seems a better fit than “Inner Sunset,” so it looks like all those realtors and community booster types that abhorred any name associated with the Sunset will finally get their wish.

No word on when “Mayor” Lee will be making the proclamation, but you can be sure the assorted Supervisors who represent the neighborhood will be on hand to celebrate this new name. Yay treats! Yay Westside Treat District!

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The SFMTA Weaponizes Convenience in its Drive for Fare Increases

The SFMTA likes fare increases. A lot! It brings in the moneys so they can “have more of the moneys omg” as they keep saying over and over again. Funny, they don’t seem to like making people pay for parking on Sundays, or other things that “make more moneys” but that’s the SFMTA under the board appointed by “Boss” Ed Lee.

Fine. However, the latest bid to raise fares has found a way to weaponize convenience and the allure of a “faster Muni” with the proposal to raise cash fares. I’ve already gone over this before, but it was seeing the latest at the SFMTA webiste that exposed the “make Muni faster make cash fares cost more” line a total lie.

If you read carefully this post from a few days ago, it once again cloaks a fare increase as somehow making Muni “faster.” Here’s the line that exposes it for what it is:

We’re making changes to Muni fares in another step to make paying quicker and easier, so we can get you on board and to your destination faster. Starting January 1, 2017, single-trip Muni fares paid with Clipper or MuniMobile will cost 25 cents less than fares paid with cash on buses or trains or with the Limited Use tickets purchased in the subway. (emphasis added)

I know the technocrats and the bean counters can make up a PowerPoint that explains why anyone paying with Real Money is the sole cause of Muni’s legendary slow speeds.

However, if you buy a Limited Use ticket at a machine at the various subway tunnels around town, you’re not making Muni slower by buying and using it. In fact, buying such a ticket has no impact at all on how fast people board, and thus how fast the Muni buses and trains presumably run. Yet those tickets are getting bumped up in price, along with the “unwashed masses” who are supposedly the Only Reason Muni Runs Slow.

If this is starting to sound like nonsense, well, it is.

Add to this the fact that the SFMTA board is likely to capitulate to a handful of loundmouths, who are loudly proclaiming that bus lanes in the Mission are the reason for Armageddon Unleashed in the neighborhood, and you realize that the SFMTA’s changes in fares have nothing to do with “speed” at all.

If they were truly concerned about “speed” they’d be mounting a defense of improvements to Muni service – not bowing down and servicing said crazies with appeasement, rolling back improvements that have been in the works for TEN years.

I don’t see how the SFMTA can continue to ask those who advocate for a clean, reliable, reasonably fast transit system for “support” when they back down every single time a few angries, along with fading local politicians get some easy coverage from a compliant local media with their gripes. If Boss Lee’s SFMTA isn’t going to stand up for a decent transit service, why should we?

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Blast from the Past: When Muni Operated Rail Service to…San Mateo!

One of the great things about The Internet is that people share things of interest. One of the things that sucks is when you can’t remember who it was that originally shared Something Cool, and you can’t give them credit.

This is one of those things. It’s an old film about the 40 San Mateo line Muni once operated from San Francisco to San Mateo. The line was discontinued, only to see much of the same right of way used for BART. If it seems strange that those in charge would rip up a line only to rebuild it decades later, well, it is, but that was the post-war era for you.

It is interesting to watch, if only because you’ll see some historical footage of San Francisco, and the Peninsula. It is interesting to note how much of Burlingame, near what is now the Caltrain station, really hasn’t changed much in the last 75 years. Anyway, enjoy!

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What the HECK is A “DCCC” and Why/How/For Whom Should I Vote for in the June Primary?

Warning! This is a Political Post. Many people do not want to read these, so this is a warning to those readers! Go look at this picture of a dog I took by the US Post Office on Irving, and return later when I’m back to Regular Posts. Thanks!

Believe it or not, California’s June Primary is actually somewhat important to the two major parties’ presidential candidates. This is more so on the GOP side than with the Dems, but either way, it means a lot of people are going to vote. Yay?

There’s also a lot of Other Important Elections being decided as well, including an open US Senate seat, a State Senate primary here in San Francisco (the first with the new district lines that put all of SF in one district!), and so on. Due to California’s “top two” system, the top two vote getters move on to the general, regardless of party. So there’s that.

Then there’s the Democratic County Central Committee races in San Francisco, where a cast of thousands are running for something no one cares about 90% of the time.

People have been asking me who to vote for in this. One advantage of blogging for far too long is that I have written about this oh-so-important subect before, in 2008 and 2010 (twice!). Plenty of Deep Thinking Political Types have expounded on this issue at places like Medium (!) and elsewhere, as have plenty of idiots who Think They Know Best.

All you need to know is this: the reason why you’re having thousands of people, including many current and former elected officials (!) run for a non-gov’t job that pays nothing and is mired in the minutiae of running a dying political party is because when that party committee sends out pieces of paper saying “vote for this,” most San Francisco voters do what that piece of paper says, and don’t give it much thought. Sounds crazy but it’s true, especially in “presidential” election years.
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